Posted by Brian Wilson on Jan 17, 2017


Hello America, it’s been almost seven years since I first envisioned a way to help promote American made goods, services, and products from hard-working individuals, entrepreneurs, and companies in the USA. It’s great to see that the increased interest and support to buy American made products and services. 

It is time for me to take TFBA® (Thanks for Buying American) to the next level. I plan to add to the voices and efforts of others to provide a means here for American products to be promoted, listed, and found. All of our efforts to “Buy American” and looking for products that are “Made in the USA” where possible adds to the greatness that this country has to offer. American workers and companies, small and large, are the backbone of the USA and the more we do to support our great workers, products, services, and companies the stronger and better we all become and will be.

If you have stories, experiences, ideas and contributions you would like to add to please send those along to me in the contact form from the Contact link found above or below. 

If you would like to be listed as a “TFBA® Preferred” product or company please submit a directory listing in the directory link found at the top of the directory page. Indicate your interest to be TFBA Preferred in the comments section and I’ll forward you information and how to get in on the ground floor of sponsorship and advertising on and with

Thanks for your interest and for visiting TFBA®! As always, Thanks for Buying American and helping support the buying of American products and services.

Your friend,

Brian Wilson

Founder and President